Quarter Mile Combo Motels, Gas Beer CD Review

I can still faintly recall what is was like to be a kid and be waiting all year for 3 major events to take place:

My Birthday, Christmas and Halloween

These were the major events in the kid calendar, mainly because they involved the receipt of either gifts or candy.

This week, Christmas, Halloween and my Birthday all came in the same week when I visited my PO Box to find something I have been anticipating since late January this year when I was fortunate enough to be involved in a benefit gig in San Francisco.

It was overall an amazing evening, featuring some great (and a coupe of not-so-great) bands, but everyone was giving their time and talents free of charge and for a very worth-while cause, which made it all the more admirable what those guys were doing up on stage.

About halfway through the evening a four-piece band took to the stage featuring, what has to be said, was the most attractive singer of the proceedings. As luck would have it, she could sing too! And how!!!

Suddenly, people put down their beers and paused their conversations and actually started listening to what was going on on stage. The reason was quite plain; these guys ROCKED!

From about 2 bars into their first song, I was hooked and was asking everyone about them. Did they have a CD out? Do they have a website? Where are they playing next?

I got the answers I wanted, except to my first question to which I got the old Its in the pipeline.

Its been a long 7 months for me, but I can tell you it was worth every second of the wait.

Motels, Gas and Beer ranks in my top two CDs out this year (The other, in case youre interested is Kim Lenzs Its All True, but then I may be a little biased there)

What we have here are 12 self-penned tracks of sheer joy. There is not a single down point to the whole album. As a reviewer of many, many CDs I am here to tell you that that is as rare as an honest politician.

Justin Barr, Todd Jenkins and Gary Daly have managed to craft some awesome, modern Rockabilly songs which not only harken back to the golden age of Rock n Roll, but also manage to sound fresh and modern.

Of course they are lucky enough to have one of, in my opinion, the best female voices anywhere in the Rockabilly world in Nettie Hammar. Her voice sounds like its been sculpted by Michael-Angelo then dipped in chocolate.

So, in short, to go back to my Kid Calendar analogy, its like waiting all year for Christmas, then finding a new bike, a GI Joe, the Constructor set and a Go-Kart under the tree.

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