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Christian D and the Hangovers Shake it or Leave it

Ever had the experience of stand at a bus stop waiting for a Canadian Rockabilly CD to arrive then suddenly two arrive at once? That’s what happened to me (Except I was sat in my studio and not at a bus stop) Last week it was my privilegde to listen to and review Matchless’ new offering and […]

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Rockabilly HQ

Here is the schedule for listening to It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll All times are local to the station that broadcasts the show. Sunday @ 3am WZEO – New Hampshire EST Sunday @ 3am KZEO – Oklahoma CT Sunday @ 9am EST Sunday @ 10am UK Sunday @ 12pm EST Sunday @ 12pm UK Sunday […]

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This site is dedicated to the DJ’s DJ. The late, great Roger Scott.

Roger was born in Surbiton, London on 23rd October 1943. Roger Scott developed a love of early rock & roll music. As a teenager, he began playing records out of the window of his suburban London home and watching the reaction of passers-by to the music and also by listening to music on Radio Luxemburg. […]

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